2018 Year-End Letter from Pastor Rob

Dear BCA Family:

Merry Christmas!! The fun, excitement, and busyness of the Christmas season is upon us. Plan now to join us for one of our many Christmas Eve services this year. Christmas Eve at BCA is one of my very favorite services of the entire year. May the Lord bless you and yours in a special way this Christmas.

Each year I write a year-end letter to update you on giving opportunities and needs, to say thank you, and to highlight some other important items. There is always so much happening in our church, in the lives of our people, and in the many ministries of BCA that it is good to focus in a bit as we near year’s end.

We have certainly experienced the blessings of the Lord at BCA again this year. Your faithful giving, serving, praying, inviting, sharing, and worshipping has been inspiring. Our attendance and giving this year has been very strong and that is a testimony to your faithfulness and devotion to our Lord and His work!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. God is using us as we work together.


This year I want to invite you to give a special gift—above and beyond your tithe—to the General Fund of BCA. The GF carries the major burden for funding staff, facilities, and all BCA ministries (over 100 strong). General giving of tithes and offerings make up our general fund and is overseen by our board of deacons and finance committee, both of whom do an excellent job. While giving has been strong in 2018, the needs of our church continue to grow. We need a strong final month to reach our budget expectations. So, would you consider doing two things as we approach the end of 2018?

1: Evaluate your tithe record and catch up if needed.

God calls upon us to give the first 10% of our income to our local church and He will stretch the remaining 90% to meet our needs. Our church has many faithful tithers. I’m praying that every family will step up and honor God in this way. This is His plan. Obedience in this area opens us up to receive God’s blessings. I encourage you to trust God and put Him first in this area of your life. You will be glad you did. You will be blessed and God’s Work will be blessed.

2: Give a Special Christmas Offering—above and beyond your tithe.

If everyone (that can) could give a special sacrificial Christmas offering, over and above your tithe, the work of BCA will move forward with great impact. As I pray about our church finances, I know they are in the Lord’s hands. And yet as your pastor, I want to challenge you to prayerfully join me in closing out 2018 in a very strong and FAITH-FILLED way. Would you join Lisa and me in giving a special Christmas offering to BCA’s General Fund? Thank you for prayerfully considering and doing what you are able to do. It makes a world of difference, literally.


We celebrate the many ministries and outreaches of BCA, including our work with over 80 missionaries and our 5 Global Church Partnerships. We celebrate our 25 outreach ministries to our local community through Bethany Compassion Ministries and our developing Bethany Compassion Center. We celebrate the many new people who have come to our church. We celebrate the many Christ-honoring servants of BCA. We celebrate new life as every week people of all ages are making commitments to follow the Savior. We celebrate Jesus Christ our Lord and King!

May God richly bless you and your family. Know that you are loved and appreciated. You are a blessing to our church family and to me. It is a joy to serve, give, and worship together with you. We are making a difference!! Thank you for making BCA your church family and for keeping our collective work in your prayers.

In His mighty name,

Lead Pastor


More and more of our people are giving online these days. For many, this has been a helpful way to schedule automatic giving and be more consistent. As a result, we have seen our aggregate giving numbers increase.
I encourage you to set up regular online scheduled giving through BCA Connect and on our website at bcachurch.com/give.