4 Missions Trips in 4 Months


In addition to the more than 80 missionaries and missions projects that BCA supports on a regular monthly basis (that literally reach all over the world), we also have expanded our global reach through five Global Church Partnerships. GCPs are just one of the exciting areas where we’ve experienced growth in the past six years. BCA GCPs are areas where we come alongside and partner with one of our missionaries and the local pastors in the field. Working alongside this team, we focus on an area of concentrated outreach ministry (in that specific field location) over a 5 to 10 year period, as God leads. We help purchase property, build churches, parsonages and additions, we help sponsor children, dig wells or install water tanks, preach, teach, do medical missions, conduct pastoral and leadership training, do children’s and youth ministry, conduct compassion outreach, evangelism and more. Each year we send teams to come alongside these missionaries and local church leaders to help provide support, encouragement, resources, and offer a hand up.


Our youth team and leaders took off this week on a 13 day outreach to the kingdom of eSwatini, formerly known as Swaziland. Please pray for them. Over the past 6 years we have worked with missionary Stan Drew and local pastors to help purchase land, build churches and additions, minister in hospitals and homesteads and conduct pastoral training. We’ve dug a well, ministered to children and youth, and done much more. You can click HERE to follow updates and photos the team will be posting throughout their trip.


We have another team traveling this month to work with missionaries and local pastors in Cuba. Our team will assist with construction, children’s ministry and training, preaching, teaching, and more. We have been able to assist with recovery from hurricane devastation and help rebuild churches and parsonages over the past three years. Incredible needs still exist so please pray for our team and for this field of need.


Our summer of outreach continues into the fall as we have a team traveling in September to Sumba, a small island in Indonesia. For the past five years we have served alongside missionaries Doug Hollis and John Taylor in helping to build churches, purchase vehicles, sponsor all the kids at the House of Hope, preach, lead pastoral conferences, install water tanks, and more.  This year’s team will be conducting another leadership training conference for all pastors and workers on the Island, as well as doing a medical clinic and installing water tanks. Please pray for our team and this field of need.

Medical Missions

Dr. Pat Rees leads our medical missions work in partnership with churches and medical missions organizations within each country we are invited to serve in.  Medical professionals are encouraged to join her, and us, as we share medical compassion in Sumba, Albania, Africa, and more. In the words of our missionaries, “medical missions is one of the most compassionate ways to share the love of Christ.” Thank you BCA for giving, praying and supporting BCA’s medical missions outreaches.

Albania (NEW!)

Capping off an exciting season of outreach and STORM trips, I will be leading a team to Albania in November. Only 0.5% of Albanians are born again Christians. God has opened the door for BCA to work alongside missionary Kurt Plagenhoef and local pastors to help buy property, build churches, conduct compassion outreach and evangelism, as well as leading pastoral training. We look forward to working with the local church to provide encouragement and assistance in any way we can. I will be training local pastors this November and have been invited to return in 2019 to lead a pastoral training conference for all the pastors and church leaders throughout Albania. This is an amazing opportunity for our church to be a blessing to our brothers and sisters on Southeastern Europe’s Balkan Peninsula. Please pray for Albania.

We are so blessed to have such a generous church. We couldn’t do any of this work without your prayers, your financial support and your encouragement of our teams. Thank you, BCA!