All About Habits

For 8 weeks, I have been making a habit about teaching about habits.  I’m reminded that life is not just about what happens to us (I talked about this in my Job series last fall), but it is also about what we make happen.  Good habits are decisions we make and steps we take to help us get where we want to go in life.  So I need to ask myself, and YOU need to ask YOURSELF… where do I want to go?  Good habits help us engage with the Creator in becoming greater at life, marriage, growth, health, faith, parenting, money, and more.  Habits are powerful things, and when used right can bring great benefit.  In a very real sense, we form our habits and then they form us.  The Bible is full of wonderful habits that can impact your life and family and faith in wonderful ways.

Here’s my reading list for this series.  I encourage you to check it out.

Books about Personal Habits:

Books about Organizational Habits:

Books about Spiritual Habits: