The life and teachings of Jesus Christ compel us to follow Him in reaching out to people in need. At Bethany Christian Assembly, we are committed to doing everything possible to mobilize our church in Matthew 25 ministry. This great passage of Scripture instructs us to be ready for Christ’s return, to invest our resources wisely, and to care for the “least of these” in our society.

We have intensified our focus on fulfilling Christ’s command with the Compassion Everett Counseling Center. The fundamental values that guide this mission are:

  • Respecting the strengths of people and the complexity of human problems.
  • Training leaders in an effort to improve their congregational care.
  • Incorporating theology with therapeutic tools to enhance the renewal of one’s mind, the removal of obstacles, and the encouragement of individual service to God.

It is our sincere desire to serve you or someone you know through the power of this network.

We are currently undergoing staff changes and invite you to check back soon for information on the new counselor(s)/therapist(s) joining our team.