ELEVATE: 60 Days of Spiritual Growth | Coming This Fall!

Our annual spiritual growth challenge kicks off in a few weeks. This year we will be studying the life of Joseph in Genesis. I don’t think there’s anyone, besides Jesus of course, in the Bible that inspires me as much as Joseph. Nehemiah, Daniel, Esther, Ruth, Moses, David, Paul…they are up there too, but Joseph ranks high in my book. This fall, over the course of 60 days, I want to walk our church family through 8 life lessons from Joseph’s journey that will challenge us to become the people God has called us to be. Where do we need to change? How do we need to grow? How can we better emulate the life of Joseph and Jesus and grow in our faith, relationships, integrity, courage, and life leadership? These are vitally important character traits and Joseph shows us how to grow in faith and become godly men and women.

I have written a study guide again this year which is presently at the printers. Our teams are working hard to prepare for our best spiritual growth challenge yet. Make it a priority to not miss a week if you at all possibly can. The weekly messages will challenge us to evaluate and then elevate our walk with Christ. All LifeGroups will be walking through the study guide and discussing how the lessons we learn from Joseph’s life relate to us.

Speaking of LifeGroups, be sure to be a part of a LifeGroup this year! Whether you’re leading one, getting back together after taking the summer off or joining one for the first time this year, walking through this series in a LifeGroup will elevate this experience for you. The best way to get into a group is to attend the LifeGroup Link on Sunday, September 9th at 12:30 PM in the Activity Center of our Everett campus. LifeGroup Link will last one hour and we’ll even provide free lunch and childcare!  Be sure to stop by the table in the lobby to reserve your spot, or go online to bcachurch.com/groups to let us know you’ll be coming.  We’re praying that over 100 people would take the important step of getting into a group this fall in order to build relationships and grow in their faith!

I encourage you to join me on what will be our greatest spiritual growth journey yet. It starts with you. You need to decide to make this a real focus between you and the Lord. And if you do, I guarantee you that God will grow you more and more into His image. Read the scriptures, study the sermons, memorize the verses, evaluate your life, emulate Jesus and Joseph, and elevate the level of your followership of our Lord.

Let’s do this together!!