An Exciting Season of Outreach!

Thank you for all your support!!!

There is a ton of outreach happening around BCA these days. Let’s take a brief moment to celebrate a few of these outreach efforts and pause to pray God’s blessing on all involved.

  1. Two weeks ago over 500 children and workers came together for our summer Vacation Bible School, “Amped.” Many children made faith commitments and this is always extremely exciting. Well done team!
  2. This week and next week over 100 junior and senior high students will be attending Summer Camp. These events are life-transforming and deeply impactful. Thank you to everyone who helped sponsor kids to camp. Many were able to attend because of your generosity.
  3. BCA is going global. In 4 months we will have 4 STORM (Short-Term OutReach Missions) teams heading to the four corners of the globe. In conjunction with our ongoing Global Church Partnerships, we will have teams traveling to Cuba and Swaziland in August, and the Island of Sumba in Indonesia in September. We’ll also be sending our first team to Albania in November. We will train pastors, lead construction projects, install water tanks, teach children, conduct ESL seminars, do compassion ministry, train teachers, and more!
  4. In addition, there are over 20 local compassion ministries that continue year-round. Many are joining teams and serving in amazing ways. We are working to expand our ability to care for more people through the ongoing development and expansion of the Bethany Compassion Center.

And of course, there is much more. Please take a moment to thank God for what He is doing and pray for the many outreach ministries of BCA and the people of all ages that are being touched with God’s love.

Thank you again for all your prayers and support!!