Proverbs 4:23: Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.”

There are so many things vying for our attention and for possession of our heart. Just think about it for a moment. Doubt, criticisms, affections, pride, sin, bitterness, distractions, greed, and misguided priorities, just to name a few. The Bible tells us in Proverbs 2:1 that if we store up good things in our heart, our words and actions will be good. And Matthew 12:34 says, “Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.” It is imperative to guard our hearts and filter out impurities and damage-producing contaminates like the ones listed above.

What are you allowing to dominate your thinking? What are you giving access to your heart? What are some of the damaging things you need to filter out and what are some constructive, life-giving elements that you need to allow in – and allow to stay in?

Here are four ways to guard your heart. Take a minute right now to prayerfully review and examine the “content” of your heart.

  • Is there anything I need to repent of and turn away from?
    • Sin, bad thinking, destructive habits…
  • Is there anything I need to focus on and live for?
    • Spending more time in scripture, more effectively living for Christ…
  • Is there anything I need to STOP allowing to drag me down?
    • A deeper level of trust in God, staying encouraged…
  • Is there anything I need to make a fresh commitment to?
    • Faith, family, personal growth…

Don’t allow the contaminants of life to fill and infect your heart. Purify your heart by walking through the four filters above on a regular, even daily, basis. Life moves fast. Things fill our hearts and minds, and, before we know it, we let our guard down. So guard your heart. It is the wellspring of life!