We are so excited about the launching of the Bethany Compassion Center!

In Matthew Chapter 6, Jesus clearly identified three “acts of righteousness” that His followers would exemplify: PRAYER, FASTING, and GIVING to the needy. You might call these the “BIG THREE.”

It stirs us to ask ourselves, “How am I going to incorporate these important actions in my life in a sustained and measurable way?” Christ commands us. The Gospel compels us. God’s love drives us. So, “What’s my plan?”

With the recent purchase of the property located at 1421 Broadway in Everett, BCA is now on the fast track to launching our new Bethany Compassion Center (BCC). This new facility will become the hub of all the compassion programs and services that make up our local outreach strategy.

We’re inviting everyone in the BCA family to join in this dynamic venture and make the BCC part of your plan to obey Christ and give to those in need. Check out this short video that shows our future plans for the BCC!




GIVE FINANCIALLY – Though our BCC team will be pursuing various fundraising avenues, one vital source will be the participation of our BCA family. Everyone is urged to consider making an ongoing monthly pledge to the BCC. As Pastor Rob likes to say, “Do your giving where you’re living, so that you will be knowing where it’s going.” You can GIVE ONLINE by selecting COMPASSION MINISTRIES from the dropdown menu, then selecting either BCC BUILDING FUND or BCC GENERAL GIVING.

INVEST YOUR TIME/TALENT – There will be a mountain of tasks to participate in as we remodel and upgrade much of the new property including landscaping and both exterior and interior improvements to the building. No matter what your skill level is, there’s a spot for you! Visit the BCC webpage and click the VOLUNTEER tab to indicate your interest.

JOIN THE BCC MINISTRY TEAM – Many continuing and new ministry programs will be operating out of this new BCC facility and each will need an army of team members. Check out the PROGRAMS section on the BCC webpage to see where you fit. Then, click the VOLUNTEER tab to indicate your interest.


Check in here throughout the summer months as we work toward ground-breaking and dedication of this vital and much-needed community outreach ministry.

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