Stop Arguing and Start Obeying

There are no reasons not to obey the Lord…only excuses.  If you and I are going to grow in our faith, we need to stop arguing and choose to obey God – in everything.

Where are you holding out on God?

Moses used 5 classic excuses that we’ve all used.  He finally got it right, and we need to get it right, too.

Excuse 1: I’m INSIGNIFICANT (Exodus 3:11, 12)

  • Look at Moses’ excuse in vs. 11: “Who am I?”  Now look at some excuses we use.
    • No one will listen to me… I’m a zero.
    • I’m not worth much.
    • I’m not a member of the in group.
  • We need to step out!  It’s time to make our move and obey God. We must move beyond ourselves in obedience to Him.
    • Moses eventually obeyed and went to Pharaoh.
    • David stepped out against Goliath.
    • Paul stepped out against accusers, as did Stephen.
  • Feelings of insignificance are no reason not to do God’s will. Our significance is not the issue. God’s significance is the issue.

Excuse 2: I’m UNKNOWLEDGEABLE (Exodus 3:13-22)

  • Look at Moses’ excuses in vs. 13:
    • I don’t know what to say.
    • I don’t know what to do.
    • I don’t know how to act.
  • How about excuses we use?
    • I don’t know what to do for the friend at work whose family is on the rocks.
    • I don’t know how to pray and share my faith with family.
    • I don’t know what to say to the neighbor lady across the street who just lost her husband.
  • Remember:
    • God knows everything!  He will help us know what we need to know (Ex. 3:14).
    • We need to obey and allow God to work in us and use us.  Our knowledge is not the issue.  God’s knowledge is – and He knows everything!

Excuse 3: I’m UNACCEPTABLE (Exodus 4:1-9)

  • Look at Moses’ excuses in Ex. 4:1:
    • What if they don’t accept me or my message?
    • What if they don’t believe me or my message?
  • How about excuses we make?
    • God, I can’t share my faith with those people at school or work. They won’t accept me.
    • I can’t offer to encourage that person going through a hard time… I’ll be ridiculed.
  • Remember:
    • God will distinguish His name (vs. 2f)!  That’s His job and He is good at it.  Our job is to do His will.
    • God will show Himself strong!  He will confirm His Word.

Excuse 4: I’m INCAPABLE (Exodus 4:10-12)

  • Look at Moses’ excuses in 4:10:
    • I’m not talented enough.
    • I’m not sharp enough.
    • I’m not eloquent enough.
  • How about excuse we make?
    • You know the person… I sure wish they’d get saved. But I can’t witness to them because I’m not good at that type of thing.
  • Remember:
    • God is capable! God will give you the capability to do what He has asked you to do. What you can or cannot do is not the issue. Obedience is the issue.

Excuse 5: It’s Too UNDESIRABLE (Exodus 4:13-17)

  • Notice Moses’ excuses in 4:13:
    • It’s uncomfortable for me… send someone else.
    • It’s just not me… send someone else.
  • How about us?
    • God… I have nothing in common with these folks.
    • If I witness to that person I will look foolish.
  • Remember:
    • God will give us all the support we need. Read v. 14, God will never ask us to do anything He has not first enabled us to do.
    • Vs. 18-31… Moses says yes. We need to say yes as well.

We makes excuses for not obeying the Lord.  We need to remember that God will provide everything we need as we step out in obedience.  Never forget, “where He guides He will provide.” A Fearless Faith is an obedient faith. 

Where is God asking you to obey, but you are hesitating? 

Let’s be quick to obey.