Tech Tips

We know that watching services online is already a huge step away from being in the Worship Center or Chapel and enjoying the experience of being together. And if you’re having trouble making the online services play correctly on your device, it can be frustrating. Pastor Michael has put a few “tech tips” together to help ensure a quality streaming experience.

Each individual’s setup (the device they’re streaming the services on, their internet service provider, etc.) can be as unique as a “snowflake” (quoting an IT friend of mine), so it’s hard to resolve every possible issue. Below are a few “general tips” that may be helpful to improve your connection and watching/listening experience.


As you can imagine, the number of people online right now is exponentially higher than ever, and that is affecting internet broadcasts.

TIP: If one of your devices isn’t connecting well, try another device, if you have one. Switch from a laptop to your smartphone. Switch from “internet” to “data only.” You might find one path works better for you than another.

Many people have indicated that the connection through the BCA app on their phone or tablet has been very stable. Go to to download our new app and view our online services that way.


One thing to keep in mind is that most often there are two adjustments that may be affecting the sound volume on your computer. The video player has its own volume control in addition to your overall computer volume control.

TIP: While the service is playing on your computer, hover the mouse over the video. You will see a few control features toward the bottom of your screen. Look for this group of vertical bars to adjust the volume of the player itself up or down. It’s also a good idea to keep this volume at the fullest/highest level and make the final volume adjustment on your computer or external speakers.
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