This Day in History

If you Google “This Day in History” you’ll find incredible, even epic, events; stories that have occurred every single day throughout history. I did that recently, looking at two days in particular.

The first was April 21. Like every day in history, I found some spectacular and somewhat solemn events:

· 753 BC: Rome was founded

· 1910: Mark Twain died

· 1918: The Red Baron was shot down

· 1934: The Loch Ness Monster was allegedly sighted for the first time

· 1962: The top of the Space Needle opened

· 2016: The singer Prince died

Every single day there is something momentous and incredible that takes place in the life of someone or in a group of people.

The other day I was curious about was April 15. Of course, April 15 is always a favorite day for every Tax-paying American, but in addition to that I found some amazing events occurred throughout history:

· 1452: Leonardo da Vinci was born

· 1945: Masha Ralsky was liberated from a concentration camp

· 1947: Jackie Robinson broke through the racial barrier in baseball

· 1955: Ray Kroc opened his first McDonalds

· 2013: The horrific Boston Marathon bombing occurred

As I was Googling April 15, there were three other events that really stood out to me as I pondered all that happened on that particular day in history:

· Abraham Lincoln died (1865)

· The Titanic sank (1912)

· Notre Dame burned (2019)

All three are pretty epic. I was actually Googling this while watching the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris burn in real time. And then that very night of April 15 I was in a meeting and received a call from some friends who relayed to me that their parents were in an automobile accident and their mom was tragically killed. All of this was on April 15. 

So much more happened on the April 15’s of history that we will never hear about or know about. Spectacular, maybe even somber events, all epic in the lives of individual people or families or groups of people. It reminded me about the power and potential of each and every day. It reminded me to make the most of today and the possibility that I could make a positive impact on those around me today. And even more, that I could live valiantly for Jesus Christ with commitment and courage…today.

Every day is an incredible opportunity to live for Christ, love like Christ, and look to Christ. How will you invest today?