The story of Joshua and Jericho is one of the more intriguing stories to me in all of the Bible. Take another read of Joshua chapters 5 & 6 and just let the story sink in. God’s plan was to have Joshua and some priests and the Ark of the Covenant and some folks with trumpets walk around the city wall for a few days, play their trumpets, then let out a shout. And He tells them that if they do this, if they work God’s plan, then the walls would come down on the 7th day. I hate to say it, but there is a lot about this plan that creates doubt. I’m sure I’d try to reason with the Lord for a more effective game plan.

I wouldn’t blame Joshua and the Israelites for doubting. After all,

  • It didn’t make sense.
  • It didn’t seem possible.
  • It didn’t seem strategic.
  • It didn’t inspire confidence.
  • It didn’t answer questions.

But Joshua obeyed and the walls fell and the Israelites triumphed. Just as God had said.

So why is it so easy to be filled with doubt and uncertainty? I think, in part, we all want to be in the know and be in control. But sooner and later we all come to realized we can’t know everything – and we can control even less. There must be an element of faith as we deal with the uncertainties of life. Some people put their faith in themselves, or another person, or their wealth, or their health. But none of that is sure. Only God is sure. And for those of us who follow Christ, our journey is one of growing in our faith and confidence and trust in the Almighty. After all, He does know everyone and everything really is under His control. Why wouldn’t I place my trust in Him? It is the only wise thing to do.

A great prayer to pray each day is for greater faith and stronger trust in God’s knowledge, wisdom, and strength. Joshua placed His faith in God when there were many reasons not to. We need to place our faith in the Lord, too.