September is just around the corner and it’s time to get back to a schedule.  For many, the summer is a time to change things up.  Kids are no longer in school, the sun is out, and there is no football to watch.  Well, guess what?  It is that time again.  School is going to start soon, the rain will return, and it’s time to get ready for some football.


Fall is also a time to get focused and re-establish routine and discipline.  That is one of the things I love about the fall.  It is a great time for all of us to recalibrate our rhythms and refocus on where we want to go with our life.  Where do we want to grow?


It is also a great time for our church to really get rolling again with the groups, ministries, and outreaches that mean so much to all of us.  Each fall we do a spiritual growth campaign in conjunction with our renewed fall determination to get back at spiritual routine and discipline.  This fall is no different.  We launch our 60 Days of Spiritual Discovery and Growth on Sept 17/18 and I’m very excited about it.  I have written a study guide for all of our small groups and am working on a new teaching series entitled 10 Steps to Growing a FEARLESS Faith.  For 60 Days we will mine life principles from Moses and the Exodus.  I can’t wait.  Make sure you get a study guide and GROW this fall.  Together we will study scripture, discuss scriptural passages and principles, encourage each other and pray.  Each week there will be a Psalm to Ponder, a Scripture to Memorize, and a Prayer to Pray.  Let me give you a little preview of the 10 Steps:


10 Steps to Growing a FEARLESS Faith

#1—Determine Who’s in Charge // Ex 1:1-2:10

#2—Learn Your Desert Lessons Well // Ex 2:11-25

#3—Have a Burning Bush Experience // Ex 3:1-10

#4—Stop Arguing and Start Obeying // Ex 3:11-4:31

#5—Don’t Be Surprised by Down Time // Ex 5 & 6

#6—Realize How Much God Loves You // Ex 6

#7—Live on the Side of God’s Mercy // Ex 7-11

#8—Hold Fast to God’s Promises // Ex 11-12

#9—Remember the Power of Passover // Ex 12

#10—Turn Opposition into Opportunity // Ex 13-14


Let me encourage you to make a commitment to GROW this fall.  Make a commitment to join a group, show up to church, engage in service and study.  Pray today that God will help you take steps forward in your walk with Him.  I’m praying for you and our entire church as we GROW together this fall.