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Live, Love, and Lead Like Jesus

At BCA, serving is a cornerstone of our community and a vital part of our mission. We offer a range of teams where you can contribute your time and talents, and we encourage you to explore these opportunities. Join us in making a difference and see how serving can enrich your journey and those around you.

Check the BCA Events calendar for upcoming events where you can serve.


Serve Steps

Step 1: Choose

Choose a BCA Serve Team category from the list of opportunities in the Serve Teams listed below. Contact us if you have a question about any volunteer roles.

Step 2: Apply

Click on the link for the serve category of your choice. The link will take you to a volunteer application you will complete, requiring you to create a BCAConnect account.

Step 3: Serve

Your Serve Team Leader will receive a confirmation notice once you complete your volunteer application and will be in touch with you. Be sure to check your email inbox for instructions on how you can start serving.

Serve Teams

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Join our Hospitality Ministries at BCA and play a vital role in creating welcoming experiences! Our team focuses on making great first impressions, maintaining our facility to ensure a comfortable and inviting space, and providing a safe environment for the BCA community. Whether you’re greeting visitors, contributing to the upkeep of our space, or helping to ensure safety and comfort for all, your involvement is key to fostering a warm and friendly atmosphere. If you have a heart for hospitality and enjoy making others feel at ease, we welcome you to serve with us. Be a part of our team and help us make every visit to BCA a pleasant and memorable experience!

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Local Outreach

For over 30 years, Bethany Christian Assembly has served the Snohomish County community through various compassion outreach ministries. We are thrilled to announce the opening of the Bethany Compassion Center, a significant expansion of our outreach efforts. This new center symbolizes our commitment to extending Christ’s compassion to more people in need. It’s a place of hope and support, furthering our mission to impact our community positively. Join us in this exciting new chapter as we continue to serve with dedication and open hearts. Complete the volunteer application, and we will contact you about ways you can serve.

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Kids’ Ministries

BCA Church offers fulfilling volunteer opportunities within our Kids’ Ministries, perfect for those with a heart for nurturing young minds in faith. Our ministry provides children an engaging and safe environment to learn about God’s love and teachings. Volunteers can participate in various roles, from teaching to assisting with fun activities and crafts. Each role is crucial in helping shape the spiritual journey of our young ones. Whether you’re guiding a Bible study, coordinating games, or supporting behind the scenes, your contribution will impact our children’s lives. If you’re passionate about making a difference in kids’ lives and fostering their growth in faith, we invite you to join our Kids’ Ministries team.

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Adult Ministries

Our Adult Ministries at BCA offer a variety of volunteer opportunities, inviting you to engage and contribute to our vibrant adult community. Whether your strengths lie in leading Bible study groups, facilitating discussion in fellowship circles, or organizing service projects, there’s a place for you to serve and make a difference. Serving in our Adult Ministries is not just about offering your time and skills; it’s about enriching your own spiritual journey while helping others grow in their faith. It’s an opportunity to connect deeply with fellow adults, share life experiences, and foster a supportive network. We encourage you to explore the various roles available and find one that resonates with your passions and talents. Join us in shaping a dynamic and nurturing environment where adults can flourish in faith and fellowship.

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Global Outreach

Our Global Outreach Teams at BCA present an extraordinary chance to engage in impactful work beyond our local community. These teams focus on various international projects, from supporting missionaries to participating in global relief efforts. Serving with our Global Outreach Teams offers a unique opportunity to make a substantial difference in people’s lives worldwide while experiencing personal spiritual growth. It’s a chance to connect with diverse cultures, understand global needs, and actively participate in God’s work across nations. We welcome you to explore our global outreach opportunities and find a role that aligns with your passion. Join us in extending our mission of faith, hope, and the love of Jesus to communities worldwide, and be a part of a team making a lasting global impact.

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Media and Tech

At BCA, our Media and Tech team plays a crucial role in enhancing our worship service experience, and we invite you to be a part of this dynamic group. Serving in this area offers the opportunity to operate cameras, manage sound systems, and capture moments through photography and videography. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or eager to learn, your contribution will significantly impact our services and events. This role is not just about technical skills; it’s about capturing and sharing the essence of BCA’s spirit and community. You’ll have the chance to work with a team of passionate individuals, learn new skills, and contribute to our mission of spreading the word within our community and beyond. Join our Media and Tech team and help us tell the story of BCA in vivid and inspiring ways.

BCA Worship Team

Music and Arts

Join our Music and Arts Team at BCA and be a part of creating an inspiring and uplifting worship experience. We are looking for volunteers passionate about music and worship and ready to contribute their talents in singing, playing instruments, or even in technical aspects like sound engineering. This team is more than just performers; they are vital in leading our congregation in praise and creating an atmosphere that encourages spiritual connection. Whether you’re an experienced musician or have a heart for worship and a willingness to learn, your participation can greatly enhance our services. As a part of the Worship Team, you’ll collaborate with a group of dedicated and talented individuals, grow in your musical abilities, and play a key role in BCA’s spiritual life.

Youth Worship Service

True Life Youth

Become a part of True Life Youth Ministries and make a meaningful impact on the lives of young people. We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers passionate about guiding and mentoring youth. In this role, you’ll be able to lead discussions, organize engaging activities, and provide support and encouragement to teenagers navigating their formative years. Serving in True Life is not just about teaching; it’s about inspiring and fostering a safe and nurturing environment for young minds to explore their faith. Whether you have experience in youth mentorship or a heart for helping young individuals grow, your involvement can make a significant difference. As a volunteer, you’ll collaborate with a team dedicated to shaping the next generation of believers in Jesus Christ.

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Dive into the heart of our BCA’s operations by volunteering for administrative roles. We seek dedicated individuals to assist with various office tasks throughout the week. This vital role includes answering phones, managing office duties, and supporting our staff with various administrative tasks. Serving in this capacity is an excellent opportunity to gain insights into the day-to-day running of BCA while playing a crucial role in keeping our operations smooth and efficient. Your contributions will directly impact our ability to serve our congregation effectively and maintain a welcoming and organized church environment. If you have a knack for organization, enjoy interacting with people, and want to contribute to the behind-the-scenes work that keeps our church thriving, this is the perfect opportunity for you.

Need Help Finding the Right Team?

If you’re eager to start serving but unsure where your skills and interests best fit, we’re here to help! Fill out our online form detailing your areas of interest, any relevant skills or experience, and your availability. Our team will then review your information and assist you in finding the perfect BCA Serve Team that aligns with your passions and talents. This process ensures you can contribute meaningfully while enjoying a fulfilling volunteering experience. Whether you’re drawn to working with youth, participating in worship, engaging in administrative roles, or exploring other areas, we’re committed to helping you find the right fit. Fill out the form today and take the first step towards a rewarding service journey within our church community.

Volunteer Resources

If you’re considering volunteering at our church or are already part of our wonderful team of volunteers, we highly recommend visiting our Volunteer Resources Page. This page is a treasure trove of information and tools designed to support and enhance your volunteering experience. From insightful guides and training materials to schedules and best practices, it has everything you need to feel prepared and empowered in your role. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to deepen your involvement, our resources page offers valuable insights and practical tips to help you serve effectively and confidently. So, take a moment to explore these resources – they’re here to assist you in making a positive impact in our church and community.

Employment Opportunities

Interested in employment opportunities through BCA? Check out the available job positions here.