Dr. Pat Rees in Africa


Called to be Christ’s Hands and Feet

Being an ambassador for Jesus Christ is one of the most profound honors we have in life. As echoed in Acts 1:8, the earliest believers were called to be Christ’s witnesses, starting from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth. At BCA, we embrace this mission wholeheartedly, dedicating ourselves to spreading the transformative message of Jesus to every nation and people.


Bring Help to a Hurting World

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Join a STORM Team

STORM (Short Term Out-Reach Missions) Trips at BCA offer a unique and impactful opportunity for both youth and adults to engage in mission work abroad. Participants travel to countries where our supported missionaries operate, getting hands-on experience in various service projects. These trips can involve construction efforts, providing medical aid, and organizing special outreach events designed to address the specific needs of the local communities. Beyond assistance, these missions are about forging meaningful connections with the people we serve and building relationships that transcend borders and cultural differences. Join us in this enriching experience of service and global fellowship.

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Support Missions

BCA proudly sustains over 80 missionaries and numerous projects through our monthly contributions. Your commitment to our General Missions Fund enables us to support each missionary and consistently fund vital projects. We host a monthly Global Missions Highlight, where we connect with one of our missionaries. They share inspiring stories about their ministry work and the impact of our partnership in advancing God’s Kingdom. Your support is crucial to the success of BCA Global Missions. Contributions can be made in person during our services or through a monthly pledge. To join this mission of generosity and make a lasting difference, please consider pledging your support monthly. Also, check the events page for upcoming missions events.

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Give to the GCP

BCA’s Global Church Partnerships (GCP) are designed to broaden the scope of our Global Ministry. In collaboration with AGWM Missionaries, we strive to link the people and resources of BCA with local pastors, churches, and their communities across the globe. This initiative is about more than just resource sharing; it’s about creating a worldwide network of faith and mutual support. Through these partnerships, BCA actively engages in the global Christian community, bringing our unique strengths to bear in different cultural and geographical contexts. By working closely with local church leaders and communities, we can tailor our support to their needs, fostering a spirit of cooperation and shared growth in faith and service.

Learn more about the missionaries we support by reading our BCA Missions Handbook.