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Daily Wisdom from Scripture

Welcome to the blog of Pastor Rob Carlson, the lead pastor at BCA, a dynamic and diverse church located in Everett, Washington, with an expansive online campus reaching a global audience. BCA stands out for its multi-ethnic and multi-generational congregation, actively engaged in over 100 local and global compassion ministries. Our church is passionately dedicated to international missions and addressing the needs within our community.

Pastor Rob’s daily devotionals are posted on Facebook, offering insights and inspiration from his rich ministry experience. We invite you to follow him on Facebook for daily thoughtful reflections from Pastor Rob.

Past Blog Series

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Embracing the Names of God

This insightful blog post delves into the profound significance of God’s various names during the Advent season. Each name of God unveils unique facets of His character and the depth of His love for us. Through this exploration, we understand how God reveals Himself in our lives, providing guidance, sustenance, and the promise of salvation. Reflecting on these names is not just an exercise in knowledge but a journey into the heart of our relationship with the Divine. Join us as we uncover the powerful meanings behind God’s names and how they can influence our faith and daily walk with Him. This post is an invitation to deepen your spiritual connection and embrace the multifaceted nature of God’s presence in our world.

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52 Principles to Live By

This compelling blog post series explores the timeless quest for peace, especially resonant during turbulent times. The angelic proclamation of “Peace On Earth, Good Will Toward Men” echoes profoundly today, yet achieving this peace often feels out of reach. This series examines common ‘peace eroders’ such as worry, fear, disappointment, anxiety, loss, and pain – universal experiences that challenge our tranquility. Through a deep dive into biblical teachings and perspectives, we seek to understand how to counter these challenges and embrace true peace. The series is about identifying the obstacles to peace and discovering practical, faith-based strategies to overcome them.

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Encouragement from the Psalms

Dive into our blog post series that offers a renewed perspective on the Psalms, timeless scriptures that have provided comfort and guidance through the ages. This series invites you to explore each Psalm with a fresh lens, encouraging personal reflection, prayer, and practical application in your daily life. Starting with Psalm 1, we delve into the essence of what it means to lead a blessed and prosperous life rooted firmly in the principles and promises of God. These posts emphasize the importance of prioritizing God’s Word, finding joy, and contemplating it daily. The series explores the depth of each Psalm and connects their teachings to the choices and paths we take in life.

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