Welcome to Bethany Christian Assembly (BCA Church), a vibrant community in Everett, Washington, established in 1910 that reaches out to people of all ages and backgrounds. Our church is not just a place of worship; it’s a hub of diverse weekly gatherings and specialized outreach services. These include our strategic ministries like Bethany Marshallese Church, Betania Iglesia (Bethany Spanish Church), and Bethany Deaf Church, all focused on connecting individuals to peace and faith in Jesus Christ.

About Us

At the heart of BCA is a deep-seated passion for helping others. We strive to Live, Love, and Lead, like Jesus.

Our compassion ministry is integral to who we are, going beyond a mere program to being a core aspect of our mission. We have been dedicated to serving children, youth, and adults in need through various services for decades. Our local outreach is robust, spearheaded by the Bethany Compassion Center (BCC), encompassing over 30 ministries. Operating from its own facility with a dedicated team, the BCC’s efforts range from feeding hungry children in our community to supporting those in difficult circumstances with essential aid and spiritual encouragement.

BCA Worship Service
eSwatini visit by BCA

Our Global Impact

BCA’s impact extends globally, supporting over 80 missionaries and maintaining Global Church Partnerships in Eswatini, Sumba (Indonesia), Cuba, Albania, and through Medical Missions. Our global mission involves collaboration with missionaries and local churches, including team deployments, property acquisitions, church construction, water projects, pastoral training, children’s and youth ministries, health education, and more.

Are you curious to learn more about our community and mission? We invite you to meet our dedicated pastors and staff at BCA, who are at the forefront of our compassion and global outreach mission.