About BCA

BCA has many weekly gatherings, reaching people of all ages and from various walks of life. Specialized outreach services each week include Bethany Marshallese, Betania (Bethany Spanish Church), and Bethany Deaf Church—all strategic outreach ministries that reach out to precious people desiring to find peace with God through faith in Jesus Christ.

BCA was founded in 1910 and is a community passionate about helping others. The ministry of compassion at BCA is more than a program; it’s an aspect of our purpose and what we stand for as a church. We are called to help meet the needs of others. Bethany Christian Assembly has been a ministry of compassion for decades. Bethany provides various services to children, youth, and adults in need. Bethany also has a robust local outreach ministry. Meeting needs in our local community, the Bethany Compassion Center (BCC) features more than 30 outreach ministries. With its separate building and staff, the BCC compassion work ranges from feeding children going hungry in our backyard to supporting those down and out who need a hand up and ongoing encouragement. While BCA staff and volunteers provide funding, food, clothing, and other support to individuals and families in need, they also share the Good News of Jesus Christ and His love for them. As a result, the Compassion Center has been a blessing to our community.

BCA has grown into a global movement that supports over 80 missionaries and engages in 5 Global Church Partnerships, including our work in eSwatini, Sumba (Indonesia), Cuba, Albania, and Medical Missions. Our global work includes working with missionaries and local pastors and churches by sending teams, helping purchase property, building churches, digging wells or providing water tanks, training pastors, conducting children’s and youth ministry, doing health education, and more.

BCA’s vision for the world is simple: we want every person on earth to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior!

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