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Welcome to BCA’s Adult Ministries

Welcome to BCA’s Adult Ministries, a diverse and inclusive community where individuals from all walks of life come together. Each week, we offer a range of classes and events specifically designed for adults, providing a relaxed, welcoming, and uplifting atmosphere. Our offerings focus on exploring the Bible and integrating its timeless teachings into daily living, helping you navigate life’s journey with faith and wisdom. We invite you to explore our ministries, find classes and events that resonate with you. For those interested in giving back and making a difference, we encourage you to visit our Serve page to discover our various serving opportunities. Join us on a journey of growth, learning, and community!

Adult Ministries

Young family with baby

Family Life

Family Life Ministries at BCA is dedicated to nurturing adults, strengthening families and marriages, and fostering a life of service and faithfulness in relationships. Our mission is to guide individuals in developing Christian maturity, teaching children to root their lives in Jesus, and empowering everyone to manage their finances, gifts, and talents wisely. We offer many opportunities for families to connect and grow together, including mid-week classes, diverse groups, serving opportunities, and special annual events tailored for young families. Join us in building a community that honors God in every aspect of family life.


BCA Church’s Men’s Ministries is a dynamic forum for men to unite and deepen their understanding of Christ’s teachings. Grounded in the spirit of 1 Timothy 2:8, which calls for men to lead lives of prayer and harmony, our ministry strongly emphasizes prayer, relationship-building, and active service. We recognize the strength found in collective learning and spiritual growth. Our ministry presents various engaging opportunities for men to connect and advance on their spiritual paths. Through interactive classes, group discussions, service projects, and special events, each man can grow in faith and personal development.

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BCA’s Seniors Ministries focus on enriching the lives of those aged 65 and above, offering a range of activities tailored to their unique spiritual and social needs. We are committed to nurturing spiritual growth, facilitating age-appropriate learning, and encouraging outreach and fellowship within our community. We aim to foster genuine connections in the broader setting of our weekly services and the more intimate environment of small groups. BCA provides numerous opportunities for seniors to engage, including classes, groups, volunteer roles, and special events. Join us in a community where every generation is cherished and has a place to thrive.

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BCA’s Singles Ministries offers a welcoming and supportive space for single individuals 35+ to connect and grow in small groups. We focus on creating a community where singles can explore their faith, build meaningful relationships, and engage in enriching activities. We provide various opportunities tailored to singles’ unique life stages and interests, including Bible studies, social gatherings, and service projects. The ministry is designed to foster personal and spiritual development, encouraging singles to pursue a fulfilling and purpose-driven life. In our small group environment, members find a sense of belonging and a chance to form deeper connections with their peers and their relationship with God. If you’re single and looking for a place to belong, learn, and grow, our Singles Ministry is the perfect place to start.

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BCA’s Women’s Ministries provide a diverse and nurturing environment where women of all ages and backgrounds can unite in their journey toward spiritual growth. This ministry is dedicated to fostering a supportive community where women encourage and uplift one another, guided by the teachings of Jesus. We offer a variety of opportunities tailored specifically for women, including educational classes, intimate group discussions, and special events designed to strengthen faith and fellowship. Whether you want to deepen your spiritual understanding, seek meaningful connections, or hope to contribute to our vibrant community, BCA’s Women’s Ministries have something for everyone. We warmly invite you to join us and become part of a network of women committed to growing together in faith and friendship.

Young Adults worshipping in church

Young Adults

BCA’s Young Adults Ministries provides an engaging and supportive environment where individuals in their late teens, twenties, and early thirties can connect, grow, and navigate the challenges of this life stage. Centered on the teachings of Jesus, our ministry encourages exploration and deepening of faith through classes, group discussions, and social events. We offer a variety of settings, from informal gatherings to more structured learning opportunities, all aimed at fostering spiritual development, personal growth, and strong community bonds. This ministry is ideal for young adults seeking to find their place in the world while maintaining their spiritual roots. Whether you seek fellowship, mentorship, or a space to explore your faith journey, BCA’s Young Adults Ministries welcomes you.

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