At BCA, we believe in the power of unity and community in sharing the message of Christ. Joining a small group is one of the most effective ways to connect with others, strengthen your faith, and positively influence those around you.

Our small groups at BCA are more than just a regular program – they are pathways to discipleship and personal growth. These groups provide a space to forge new relationships and pursue spiritual development together. We understand that true growth is a journey that doesn’t happen in isolation. It flourishes through connections and relationships, bolstered by support, encouragement, and the guiding hand of the Holy Spirit. Dive into the experience of a small group and discover the transformative power of community in your spiritual journey.

Interested in joining a group? Check out our groups’ directory and fill out the form letting the group leader know you’re interested in joining their group, and they will contact you.

Not sure which type of group you want to join? We can help you decide. Complete our small-group interest survey and include your email address so we can provide you with small-group options.

Do you prefer classes over groups? Then check out our current list of classes