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About LifeGroups: God has called us to unite and reach out together in community to impact more and more people with the message of Christ.  One of the best ways to get connected, grow your faith, and impact others is to join a LifeGroup.

BCA’s LifeGroups are more than just a program.  They are a method of discipleship that allows us to form new relationships while pursuing spiritual growth. Growth does not happen in isolation!  It is the result of connection and relationships, support and encouragement, and of course the Holy Spirit.

We’re excited to have launched our new Wednesday Night LifeGroups this year! If you’re ready to meet new people and grow your faith, sign up to join a group that meets on-campus on Wednesday evenings.

Life is crazy.  Don’t do it alone!

Interested in joining or starting a LifeGroup?

Check back soon as we’ll be posting updated and exciting information about our new LifeGroups!