Dr. Pat Rees in Gabon


BCA’s Global Church Partnerships

Discover the global reach of BCA Church’s Global Church Partnerships, which extend our faith and service to diverse regions like Albania, the unique island of Sumba in Indonesia, Gabon and Burundi, Africa, and the vibrant culture of Cuba. Through these international bonds, we work with local churches and organizations, making a meaningful difference by sharing resources, wisdom, and Christian fellowship. Our partnerships enable many projects, from aiding community development to spreading the gospel and fostering a network of hope and positive change. We encourage you to explore more about BCA Church’s global impact and join us in these cross-continental efforts. Together, we’re building strong connections of faith and cooperation across different parts of the world.

Global Church Partnerships

eSwatini visit by BCA


Explore BCA Church’s dedicated outreach in Eswatini, where our efforts span several impactful initiatives:

OUTREACH: We focus on engaging with the youth and children of Eswatini, positively impacting over 16,000 students with educational and supportive programs.

COMPASSION: Our team in Eswatini conducts hospital and homestead visits, offering comfort, spiritual support, and scholarships for Bible school to encourage religious education.

CONFERENCES: We organize conferences for pastors, youth, and children’s leaders in Eswatini, fostering leadership and spiritual growth within the community.

CONSTRUCTION & WATER PROJECTS: Our work includes building church properties, drilling wells, constructing playgrounds and preschool centers, and housing for pastors, significantly improving community infrastructure.

Join us in our mission to uplift Eswatini through these diverse projects, driven by faith and a commitment to service. Learn more about our involvement and how you can contribute to this life-changing work.

Sumba, Indonesia, sunset on the beach


Discover BCA Church’s impactful outreach in Sumba, Indonesia, encompassing a variety of initiatives:

MEDICAL: We operate medical clinics in eight rural villages, providing essential healthcare services to underserved communities.

HOUSE OF HOPE: We’ve funded scholarships for 30 children at the House of Hope, investing over $108,000 in the past six years. Our support includes ESL and life skills classes, and we’ve contributed $30,000 to purchase property for expanded outreach.

CONFERENCES: Our efforts include organizing pastors’ conferences, worship conferences, and sessions on pastoral leadership and marriage, fostering community development and spiritual growth.

CONSTRUCTION & WATER PROJECTS: We’ve been involved in constructing local churches, purchasing water trucks and tanks, building water tanks in nine villages, and enhancing local infrastructure and water accessibility.

Support our mission in Sumba by pledging to aid a child through the House of Hope. Your contribution can make a significant difference in the lives of these children and their communities.

Albanian hillside


Join us in exploring the meaningful outreach of BCA Church in Albania, where our initiatives make a real difference:

MEDICAL: We conduct a medical clinic in rural areas, providing vital healthcare services to those in remote communities.

COMPASSION: Our team conducts home visits in rural areas, delivering food, offering prayers, and bringing comfort and support to families.

CONFERENCES: We focus on leadership training, including three Bible school conferences, a special conference for 25 pastors and their wives, and a large women’s conference attended by 300 women, all aimed at empowering and nurturing spiritual growth.

CONSTRUCTION: Our efforts include the construction of a local church and its surrounding wall, enhancing the infrastructure and community gathering space.

By participating in these diverse projects, we strive to enrich the lives of those in Albania through health, education, spiritual growth, and community building. Learn more about our involvement in Albania and how you can contribute to this impactful work.

Horse drawn buggy on a street in Cuba


BCA Church’s outreach in Cuba encompasses a range of initiatives designed to support and enrich the local community:

OUTREACH: We conduct Children’s Vacation Bible School (VBS) and youth outreach programs, engaging young minds and hearts in meaningful activities.

RESOURCES: We equip several churches with projectors and iPads loaded with children’s ministry curriculum, enhancing their educational and spiritual teaching capabilities.

CONFERENCES: Our involvement includes children’s ministry training for approximately 400 teachers from dozens of area churches and organizing marriage and other life-enriching conferences.

CONSTRUCTION: We have completed several construction rounds and raised funds for rural churches, helping to build and enhance places of worship and community gatherings.

Our work in Cuba is focused on fostering spiritual growth, educational development, and strengthening community bonds. Learn more about our efforts in Cuba and how you can participate in this impactful mission.

Dr. Pat Rees in the OR in Burundi

Medical Missions

Join us in celebrating the dedicated medical missions led by general surgeon Dr. Pat Rees, an integral part of BCA’s global outreach:

MEDICAL EXPERTISE: Over the past decade and more, Dr. Pat Rees and her engineer husband, Fenton Rees, have provided medical assistance and updated medical equipment in Burundi and at Bongolo Hospital in Gabon, and also in Niger. Dr. Pat contributes through surgical services and training indigenous doctors, sharing vital skills and knowledge.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT: Fenton plays a crucial role in maintaining and repairing aging medical equipment and electrical systems, ensuring the smooth operation of these essential services.

BCA’S SUPPORT: BCA proudly supports the training of Christian doctors and special medical projects in these hospitals. Our involvement is key in enhancing healthcare quality and supporting medical professionals’ development in these regions.

These missions embody our commitment to health and healing, guided by compassion and expertise. Learn more about Dr. Pat and Fenton Rees’s remarkable work and how BCA contributes to these life-saving missions. Join us in supporting these efforts to bring hope and healing to needy communities.

A street in Portugal


BCA Church is excited to announce the initiation of a new Global Church Partnership in Portugal. This venture marks a significant expansion of our international outreach, allowing us to extend our mission of faith, the love of Jesus, service, and community development to this culturally rich and historic nation.

ESTABLISHING CONNECTIONS: Our focus in Portugal will be building strong relationships with local churches and communities, understanding their unique needs, and collaborating on impactful projects.

CULTURAL ENGAGEMENT: We recognize the importance of cultural sensitivity and aim to engage with the Portuguese community in ways that respect and celebrate their rich heritage while sharing our message of faith and hope.

COMPREHENSIVE SUPPORT: Our support will encompass various areas, including educational initiatives, community development, and spiritual growth programs, tailored to the specific context of Portugal.

INVOLVEMENT OPPORTUNITIES: We invite our BCA Church family to participate in this exciting new chapter. There will be numerous ways to get involved, from volunteering and mission trips to prayer and financial support. Stay tuned for more details.

Give to the GCP. Learn more about BCA’s Global Missions involvement here.