After completing the online application’s first step, our team will help you through the new volunteer steps.

  1. Complete the BCA Kids’ Ministries Volunteer Application and all requirements. To complete the application and to serve, you must be at least 11 years old.
  2. Review and sign the BCA Kids’ Ministries Volunteer Commitment form and complete the online Abuse Prevention Training that will be emailed to you by our Volunteer Coordinator.
  3. Meet with your BCA Kids’ Ministries Department Coordinator to:
    • Review emergency/safety procedures before serving in the department.
    • Confirm you are assigned to the department you will serve in and go over the check-in procedure.
    • Set up and log into your WorshipPlanning Account to view and confirm your scheduling assignments.
    • Regularly check volunteer schedules through WorshipPlanning. (Please be sure to log on and consistently reply to WorshipPlanning emails so your Coordinator knows your availability.
  4. Keep informed by checking out our Serve Resources Page.

Thank you for serving kids and their families at BCA. We appreciate you. If you have any questions, contact us. To check out our kids’ ministries’ activities, visit our kids’ ministries’ web page.