Learn Your Desert Lessons Well

What does God want to teach me in my desert… my season of despair, defeat, dead end, or discouragement? We need to remember that we are under construction and that God wants to use the raw materials of our desert experiences to shape us, mature us, build us, and construct us into the image of His Son Jesus.

In Exodus 2:11, Moses is on the run for his life in the desert. There were 4 lessons God wanted to teach Moses while he was out in the desert. We need to learn the same 4 lessons in our desert experiences.

Lesson #1: Learn from Failure (Exodus 2:11-13)

  • A “setback” can set up a “comeback.” Have you blown it? So did Moses and God redeemed him, restored him, and revitalized him.
  • The pathway of failure: Choosing disobedience over obedience, arrogance over humility, and indifference over devotion.
  • Learn from your failure:
    • God’s ways are always best.
    • God’s forgiveness is always sure.
    • God’s love for you comes with a second chance guarantee.
    • God’s plans for your life are special and worth pursuing with your whole heart.

Lesson #2: Learn from Fear (Exodus 2:14-15)

  • What could/should we learn from FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real)?
    • Identify: What is source of my fear?
      • Sometimes it’s something we have done.
      • Sometimes it’s what others do or don’t do.
      • Sometimes it’s our own imagination.
    •   Affirm: What is the answer to my fear?
      • If you sinned—Confess your sin and ask for forgiveness (Luke 12:2,3; Num. 32:23; Is. 59:2; Prov. 28:13).
      • If your fear is produced by others—Give it to God (1 Peter 5:7; Ps. 23:4; Ps. 46:1,2).
      • If it is your imagination—reaffirm your trust in God & Scripture (John 14:1; John 14:27)

Lesson #3: Learn from Faith (Exodus 2:16-22)

  • 3 faith lessons
    • God always provides a well in the desert
      • Sin drives us to a spiritual wasteland. But God wants to teach, restore, and repurpose us in the desert.
    • The desert can be dry and lonely, but it’s not forever.
      • God is with you in your desert just as He was with Moses in his.
    • God wants to grow and prepare you in the desert.
      • It was in the desert that he learned how to lead 2 million Hebrews across the barren wasteland.
      • He went from being a somebody, to a nobody, to helping everybody.

Lesson #4: Learn for the Future (Exodus 2:23-25))

  • God uses the raw materials (disappointments, hurts etc.) of our desert experiences to teach us and grow us if we are willing to learn. He wants to refine and use you. Look at the lives of Joseph and Paul for evidence and encouragement (Gen. 50:20 and Rom. 8:28).
  • Your disappointments can lead to an appointment. It did for Moses.
  • Remember: There is no Promised Land without a desert. No deliverance without a dead end. No comeback without a setback.

Never forget two things about the desert. First, God is with us in the desert (Deut. 32:10-12). Secondly, God reveals our hearts in the desert (Deut. 8:2).