You remember this line from the nineteenth-century French author Alexander Dumas, The Three Musketeers.   I’m a big fan.  Love the book, movies, characters, love for country and all things right.


“All for One and One for All” has another connotation for me, as well.  As Christ followers, we are all united around and committed to the One, Jesus Christ.  And the One, Jesus, is completely devoted to all.  So much so that He literally gave His live for us all.


Marysville campusI’m thinking about this as I have the privilege to travel around our state and share with many pastors this week and next week.  I’m writing this blog in Yakima today where I’ll share in a couple of hours.  On Thursday I’ll be in Spokane and next Monday and Tuesday I’ll be in Chehalis and Snoqualmie Ridge.  I’m teaching these days on how to “Turn Our Churches ‘Inside Out.’”  As I share with fellow pastors, the message is clear:  We are “all for the One and He is for us all!!”  And our collective desire is to serve Him in our sphere of influence and help as many people as we can come to know that Jesus is for THEM!!


At BCA, we took another step in helping more people come to hear about Jesus.  Our new Marysville Campus launched with 240 people last weekend.  That is a huge WIN and the beginning of something special.  The new campus becomes another lighthouse where we can point more people to the saving power of Jesus Christ and introduce many more to His great love.  It becomes another fishing pond, of sorts, where we can “fish for men” as Jesus tells us to do.


As you move through this week, be mindful of the One who is for you.  And do all you can to help the One be made known to all.