Fulfill Your Purpose

Genesis 12:1-4; John 6:1-14

“What is my purpose in life?”  That’s a question we’ve all asked ourselves on more than one occasion.  Abraham fulfilling God’s purpose for his life is a tremendously inspiring story.  In Genesis 12:1-4, God’s assignment for Abraham was no small feat. There are 4 key factors from Abraham’s experience that we can apply to our life as we seek to fulfill God’s purpose.

1: FAITH/RISK FACTOR: Step out of your comfort zone and serve

  • Key verse: Gen. 12:1
  • How many times are we kept from doing something because of fear? The fear of failure is a disabling disease. Where does God want you to step out in faith and take a risk?
  • Remember, if God is guiding you, it is less of a risk and more a step of faith.
  • William Shedd once said that “A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.” You were created to step out of your comfort zone and set sail in obedience to Him!
  • Stepping out of our comfort zone invariably involves 4 things:
    • Stepping out from where you are.
    • Going somewhere new.
    • Leaving what you know.
    • Doing something new.
  • Abraham left what he knew (Mesopotamia) and set out for somewhere brand new (Canaan) and God blessed him! God will bless you, too.
  • We see many examples of others stepping out in faith throughout Scripture:
    • David risked everything by going out against Goliath.
    • Moses risked everything by facing Pharaoh and the Red Sea.
    • Jesus risked everything by going to the cross.

2: PROMISE FACTOR: God will use you to bless others

    • Key verse: Gen. 12:2
    • God’s vision for your life is that you will be a blessing to others. God wants to use you to bless other people, to encourage them, to comfort them, to offer them hope, to lead them to Christ!
    • Scripture says: “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” (Acts 20:35). So this becomes our orientation as people who want to “Live the Jesus Life.” It is about serving – God and others.
    • Start by serving your family, then continue by serving others – in your church and outside of it as well.

3: PURPOSE FACTOR: You have been blessed to be a blessing

    • Key verse: Gen. 12:3
    • As a Jesus follower, the idea of finding and fulfilling your life purpose is simple and clear. Your purpose and my purpose as Christ followers is to serve God and serve others. It is how we “Live the Jesus Life.” So the question then is, how am I doing at fulfilling my purpose?
    • Find a need, fill it.
    • See a hurt, heal it.
    • Look for a way to encourage others.
    • Live for God and live for others.

4: CALLING FACTOR: God’s call on your life is constant and clear

    • Key verse: Gen. 12:4
    • Abraham was 75 years old and he had made it in life– wealth, status, land, livestock, influence. Some might say he had a lot to lose. But when God called him to SERVE as the Father of God’s nation, the Israelites, he said YES. He answered the call and gave his all.
    • You too are called. You are called to Christ and then you are called to follow Him. Following Christ is all about serving God and serving others. That is what “Living the Jesus Life” is all about. Put God first, others second, and self third.


Remember the lessons from the boy with the picnic basket in John 6:1-14.  It is incredible, real-life theatre with 6 acts:

The key question that arises from this story is, what do you have to offer?  Are you willing to give to Jesus what you have in your hand, like the boy gave the lunch?  Give generously of all you have to Christ and allow him to bless it, multiply it, expand it so that others might be blessed.

Really, we all have much to give.  Take time right now to contemplate how you can become more generous in giving of the following to serve God and serve others:

    • Time
    • Money
    • Energy
    • Faith
    • Prayer
    • Skills
    • Experience
    • Talents/gifts/abilities

God is anxiously waiting to use you to bless others! Let Him know you’re ready to be used today.