We have challenged each other during this first part of 2018 to make this the “year of generosity.”  Becoming more like Jesus equals becoming more generous because Jesus was generous. How do we do this and what does this really mean? We’ve spent some time unpacking these vital questions and have found that living the JESUS LIFE is more about:

  • Giving vs. Taking
  • Forgiving vs. Resentment
  • Open-handedness vs. Tight-fistedness
  • Accepting vs. Rejecting
  • Appreciating vs. Depreciating
  • Loving vs. Legalism
  • Affirmation vs. Judgment

There are six Kingdom Principles (spiritual laws, if you will) in the New Testament that we have dissected one by one. Each of them is beautifully exemplified by our Lord and meant for us to follow…if we want to be more like Christ. How are you doing at living out these Kingdom Principles that lead to “generous living?”  Walk through them one by one and ask the Lord how you can be a more generous giver and live a more generous life – and in so doing, become more like Jesus.

  1. The Treasure Principle (Matt 6)
  2. The Forgiveness Principle (Luke 6)
  3. The Love Principle (I Cor 13)
  4. The Sowing & Reaping Principle (2 Cor 9)
  5. The Grace Principle (2 Cor 8)
  6. The Trust Principle (Matt 25)

These are powerful life-changing and life-giving principles that will change the trajectory of our life, marriage, finances, faith, and family. We need to learn them. Live them. And teach them to our kids. Here is why these principles are so vitally important:

  • What I treasure and where I place my treasure controls my heart.
  • Forgiveness frees while unforgiveness paralyzes.
  • Love always wins and love is more about what I do than how I feel.
  • Big-hearted giving (time/talent/treasure) is rewarded by God.
  • Giving is a matter of my heart, not my wallet.
  • I can trust God and need to live my life showing that God can trust me.

Life transforming principles all. They lead to big-hearted, generous, uplifting, inspiring: relationships, lives, families, and faith. Let’s live the JESUS LIFE by being big-hearted and generous – like Jesus.