Hold Fast to God’s Promises

Have you driven in thick fog recently?  I have.  And boy is it hard to see.  It requires you to slow down, focus hard, and trust what you know.  We need to do the same thing when life gets foggy—when challenging predicaments arise and it is hard to see clearly.  How do we beat FOG?  Focus on God.  We need to trust what we know.  When life gets confusing and hard to understand, we need to focus steadfastly on God and His promises.

Here are four ways to hold fast to God’s promises:

#1: Never Give Up On God (Ex 11:1)

  • Many people give up on God for various reasons.  We live in tough times where needs are great.  At times, it feels like we have reached a dead end.
  • Moses could have given up on God, but he chose instead to never give up, even after the 9 plagues.
  • Why did Moses stay the course?  He understood the promise that Where God Guides He Provides (read Heb. 11:24-29).  God is at work in the needs of our lives.  Never give up on Him.  He will never give up on you.
  • A key verse to look at is Phil 4:19.

#2: Keep Moving Forward Knowing God Can Be Trusted (Ex 11:2-8)

  • Moses persevered and continued moving forward after seemingly 9 failed attempts to convince Pharaoh to let the Israelites go.  He kept moving forward in the FOG – Focusing on God.  At this point, he had no idea that God would part the Red Sea and bring the Israelites out of Egypt.  But he knew God could be trusted.
  • Where in life do you need to keep moving forward and trusting God?
  • Where do you need to Focus on God and see the FOG lift?  Trust what you know.  Trust in God and His Word.
  • The promise we can hold on to is that God Will Lead and Meet My Need.
    Read Psalm 23:1-6 and be encouraged.

#3: Believe that God Always Wins (Ex 11:9-10)

  • God always wins, even when it seems like He will not.  Consider the story of the Cross, the parting of the Red Sea, Daniel and the lion’s den, David vs. Goliath, and many more.
  • We need to turn on our FOG lights and B (be brave) E (endure) L (look up) I (invoke) E (expect) V (victory) E (express thanksgiving) that God will always win.
  • Remember that What God Wills He Fulfills (God’s will was that the Israelites would be set free).
  • Read 2 Cor. 12:9,10.

#4: Offer Praise in the Middle of Your Problems (Ex 12:1-28)

  • It’s what the Israelites did.  They showed supreme gratitude to the Lord…even before their deliverance, while they were still in chains.
  • The principle is that praise amidst persecution raises my faith.  Praise is a prelude to vision.  Praise produces hope.  Praise precedes power.  Praise prompts God’s power.
  • Hold onto the promise that God Will Raise Those Who Praise.  The Bible is full of scriptural encouragement to praise Him.  Here are a few: Acts 16:25-26, Ex 15:2, 2 Sam 22:4, Ps 40:3.

During challenging times, we need to focus on God (FOG) and hold fast to His promises.  If we do, the fog of life will lift and we will see clearly again.