The BCA Leadership College program allows students to enroll in Northwest University’s online classes for their AA or BA degrees. Additionally, students can gain two free NU credits by participating in a BCA internship track, depending on their schedule’s flexibility. Interested in taking this academic and leadership journey with us? Below are the steps to apply for Leadership College, where education meets real-world experience.

How to Join the Leadership College Student Community:

Initial Inquiry: Start by completing the form below. A member of our Leadership College team will then contact you to discuss your interest in our program.

Application: Proceed by filling out the Northwest University Partnership Program application, which is available at no cost.

Financial Aid: Begin exploring your financial aid options to support your educational journey.

Academic Records: Arrange to have your high school or college transcripts and, if applicable, your ACT and SAT scores sent to the following address:

Northwest University
NPP Admissions, Barton Building
PO Box 579
Kirkland, WA 98083-0579

These steps are your pathway to becoming a part of the Leadership College at BCA, where academic achievement and leadership skills converge.

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BCA Leadership College provides dynamic internship opportunities aligned with your ministry interests. Engage in our Administrative Ministry to learn about church management, or immerse yourself in the Children’s Ministry for experience with youth programs. Our Missions and Compassion Ministry internship offers a hands-on approach to both local and global outreach, while the Youth Ministry allows you to mentor and connect with teenagers. These internships, integral to the Leadership College experience, are designed to enhance your practical skills and spiritual growth, preparing you for impactful ministry work.

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BCA Leadership College offers various degree programs to suit your career and ministry goals. Choose from an AA in Ministry Leadership for foundational skills in ministry work, a BA in Business Management to excel in the business sector, or a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies for a well-rounded education. For those interested in church leadership, our BA in Ministry Leadership is ideal. The BA in Organizational Leadership and BA in Organizational Management prepares you for leadership roles in various organizations. At the same time, our BA in Psychology provides insights into human behavior and mental processes.

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Financial Aid

BCA Leadership College, accredited through our partnership with NU, ensures that all students can access Financial Aid and Student Loans to fund their program. This accreditation guarantees the availability of essential financial support, easing the path to educational and leadership success for every student. Our commitment extends to offering comprehensive financial guidance, helping you easily navigate the options and processes. By providing these resources, we aim to make your academic journey achievable and stress-free, opening up opportunities for growth and development in your chosen field.