Last night my wife and I attended a nearby prayer vigil in our community where we have lived for over 16 years.  Two days earlier there was a shooting in Mukilteo where 3 young people were horrifically killed and another one critically wounded by a fellow classmate.  We gathered in a church parking lot next to Kamiak HS where all of these students attended to hear the Governor and Mayor speak, as well as several prayers offered.  After the brief service, people lingered and talked, while others sobbed and hugged each other. There were many tears shed.  And there will be many more in the days to come.


About 15 other kids were at the party where the shooting occurred.  Good kids all with incredible potential for a tremendous future.  As I looked out at the crowd, I noticed some of the kids that were at the party and who had been spared.  I also noticed parents of the young people who had lost their lives.  Why were some lives taken and not others?  Why did this happen at all?  How devastatingly different life was now for the families who had lost their child.  How terribly different it would have been for others if it would have been their child.  It doesn’t get much more tragic.  And it doesn’t make any sense.


Why would a young person feel so angry or low or disconnected from reality that he would take the lives of other young people who had their entire future before them?  And why would he destroy his own life and future?


Sometimes life doesn’t make sense.


Our three sons all graduated from Kamiak.  I greeted one of my son’s friends who was home from college.  He told me that his younger brother was at the party and saw the shootings and the horror that ensued.  He was one of the fortunate ones who escaped physical harm.  I got to talk to Andrew and his parents, give them a hug, make myself available if I could be a help in any way and assured them all of my prayers.  He was on my little league basketball team many years ago as was his older brother, which made it all hit very close to home.  I was thankful he was okay.  My heart is very heavy for all of these families and young people.


Sometimes life doesn’t make sense.


When life is hardest and our pain most severe, we must hold on tightly to Jesus and pray earnestly for ourselves and others.  The invitation of Jesus is brightest when times are darkest (Matt 11:28), “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”  Sometimes life doesn’t make sense.  Jesus never promised it always would.  But He did promise to be there for us and to be there for all who call on His name.