2 Chronicles 19:7 says, “…the Lord our God does not tolerate perverted justice, partiality, or the taking of bribes.”

The word for “justice” and “righteousness” is the same in the Bible. Injustice is unrighteous behavior, and it is condemned by God. The word “partiality” is an old English word for racism and prejudice. We show “partiality” when we treat one group of people better than another group.

Racism, prejudice, and bigotry are sin. And God hates all three – in every form. Our country needs to repent, we all need to repent. Jesus has called us to be peacemakers, to love our neighbor as ourselves, to be compassionate and kind, to think of others above ourselves, to be humble, and to build bridges of reconciliation.

We all must grieve the loss of precious human life at the hands of racism and prejudice. The Golden Rule tells us to treat others the same way we want to be treated. And we all want to be treated with respect, kindness, appreciation, value, compassion, honor, and love.

What can we do? What must we do?

We had a good discussion and time of prayer in our staff meeting this week. I’ve learned from others as I have read and listen and sought input and advice. Let me share just a few things we need to commit ourselves to:

  • READ & LEARN. Read books and articles and stories and become educated. Ignorance is no excuse. Make an effort to see things from another point of view.
  • LISTEN & CARE. We learn from others. We understand when people share their hurt and pain. We get clarity when we hear people tell us their stories.
  • LOVE & BUILD BRIDGES. Indifference, apathy, ignorance, and avoidance are what many people do. We build a cocoon when we don’t want to get involved. True love, Christlike-love, I Corinthians 13 love, Calvary and agape love is action-oriented. It is a verb; it is something we do. We need to build bridges through love. Pray that the Lord of love will use you as a peacemaker and bridge-builder and love-giver, in Jesus’ name. That’s what Jesus did when He walked on Earth and what Jesus would do today. It’s what He wants to do today…through you and me.
  • PRAY & GROW. Pray for our nation and world to change and grow. Pray for your heart to change and grow and for you to become more like Jesus. Pray to see others as He does. Pray to love others as He does. We need to get to the heart of the matter, which is the matter of our hearts. We need to be overtaken and overcome with empathy and love, and show it to those around us.

Jesus is asking us to be His hands and heart extended. May we open our hearts to show His love, genuinely, more than we ever have before. After all, others will know we are followers of Jesus by our love. So let’s love well. May God’s love drive out racism, prejudice, and bigotry in every form and in every way.