Welcome to the Strategic Ministries page at BCA Church, a vibrant testament to our commitment to serving diverse communities and fostering leadership. Our ministries include Bethany Deaf Assembly, BCA’s Marshallese Church, Betania Spanish Church, and the exciting BCA Leadership Ministry College.

Bethany Deaf Assembly

Bethany Deaf Assembly offers an inclusive environment for the deaf community with services in sign language.

Bethany Deaf Church Outing
Hands praying

BCA’s Marshallese Church

BCA’s Marshallese Church serves the unique needs of the Marshallese population, integrating cultural traditions with faith.

Betania Spanish Church

Betania Spanish Church provides a spiritual haven for our Spanish-speaking members, with services and community activities in Spanish.

Worship Service
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BCA’s Leadership College

Adding to our diverse ministries, the BCA Leadership Ministry College, in partnership with Northwest University through the Northwest Partnership Program, offers students accredited AA or BA degrees from Northwest University. This program combines academic excellence with practical, hands-on leadership training at BCA.