One of the best known scriptures in the entire Bible is the 23rd Psalm. It has been cherished by generation after generation because it talks about God’s heart of devotion to you and me. One great prayer to pray is to simply pray a prayer of gratitude: “Thank you Lord for being MY Good Shepherd.” And when we pray that, remember what it means to know that Jesus is your Good Shepherd.

First, it means He loves you more than you will ever know. I don’t think our human minds can fathom the depth of God’s love for us – but try. Just let that reality soak in a bit. Remember He loves you more than you could ever comprehend and that will never change.

Second, He cares about you and will care for you. Whatever needs you have today, remember your Good Shepherd cares and will provide what you need. Reread the 23rd Psalm right now and look at the many ways He provides.

Third, when I say, “Thank you Jesus for being my Good Shepherd” I also am realizing that He loves me so much and cares for me so completely that He gave His life for me. Jesus said in John 10:11, “I am the Good Shepherd. The Good Shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.”

Pray: “Thank you Jesus for being my Good Shepherd. For always loving me, caring for me, and literally dying for my sins on the Cross.” As we approach Easter, what an amazing truth to remember and prayer to pray.