In Galatians 1:1-10, Paul reminds us that there is Only One Savior (1-5), Only One Hope (vs. 6-7) and Only One Truth (vs. 8-10). His name is Jesus. Life can become challenging, frustrating, and even painful at times. It behooves us to “always remember” who Christ is and whose we are. Jesus is our Savior, Hope and Truth. And we belong to Him when we receive Jesus as Lord. When the winds of adversity and opportunity blow hard…always remember. This is a great prayer to pray.

Here are 7 prayer commitments/affirmations to get even more specific. Let’s pray these over our own lives and those of our family and friends:

1.       I won’t drift (vs 1-5)
2.       I won’t desert (vs 6)
3.       I won’t doubt (vs 7)
4.       I won’t dilute (vs 7)
5.       I won’t be distracted (vs 8)
6.       I won’t be deceived (vs 9)
7.       I won’t be duped (vs 10)

“Jesus, may I always remember and may my life declare that there is only One Savior, One Hope, and One Truth.”