We were created for community. No man is an island. At BCA we take seriously the 56 “one another” commands of the New Testament. These are the statements that tell us to love one another, be kind to one another, encourage one another and so on and so on. You cannot do the “one anothers” of scripture in isolation. We can only walk these out in community.

Today, over 75% of Americans belong to a group of one kind or another. Research from the Mayo Clinic, Psychology Today, and Pew discuss the incredible number of people who belong to a group and the widespread positive impact of belonging. This is something the Bible speaks to over and over. It’s one of the reasons we work hard here at BCA to create lanes where folks can onramp into groups. You can lead a group, co-lead a group, host a group, start a group, and belong to a group. There are groups for kids, youth and adults of all ages and all walks of life. There are LifeGroups, serve groups, support groups, recovery groups, skill groups, and more.

Whatever you do, don’t do life alone. Get into a group and build community. We truly believe that BCA is a church where “everybody is somebody and nobody need be alone.” There is a great group waiting for you. Check out our groups page and get plugged in today!

Lord, help us overcome any barriers that may prevent us from opening ourselves up to the community for which You have created us. Bring into our lives people who will do life with us, pray with and for us, and help sharpen and deepen our faith. Help us to follow Your example and surround ourselves with people who will ride the ups and downs of life with us. And help us to encourage and build up those around us. Amen.