Numbers Matter

God cares about numbers.  There is an entire book in the Bible called Numbers.  The disciples caught 153 fish (John 21:11).  Creation took place over 6 days (Genesis).  There were 12 disciples, 7 deacons, 12 tribes, and 1 God.  And I could go on.

Numbers matter to us at BCA because numbers represent people.  Individual stories of lives being committed to God and being changed by the power of God.  I was uniquely impressed with this reality in our services this past weekend.  Check out these numbers:

  • 53 people baptized
  • 30 members of our Swaziland youth missions team on stage being prayed over
  • $50,000 given to missions (local and global) in the month of July alone

Incredible.  Amazing.  These are really cool numbers.

As I watched 53 people get baptized and heard their story read, I was excited for each one of them and their individual faith story.  Each person is on a journey and every one of them matter to God.

As we prayed over each of the 30 that headed off to Swaziland that very day, I was excited to know that God would use them on the mission, but that God would also change them and bring them back different than when they left.  I know they will all come back with a larger world vision, a new understanding of calling and purpose, and a deeper appreciation for all God has done and is doing in their life.

As we celebrated the past month’s outreach giving to missions, I not only thanked God for the money given but also for the people behind the giving.  Knowing that people worked and saved and gave so that others could hear about God and learn of His love.

Numbers matter.  People are more than a number, but in our church these numbers are important because they represent people and individual acts of kindness, expressions of commitment, and deeds of service.

Always remember, God loves you, cares about you, and wants to grow you and use you.  You matter to Him.  You are more than a number, but these kinds of numbers matter to God.  And because they matter to God they matter to us.