Remembering is important. It is not good to forget your wedding anniversary, an important birthday, promises you’ve made to other people, etc. In Exodus 12, we read about Israel’s first celebration of Passover.  It is a tremendous lesson on the theology of remembering. The Passover celebrated and remembered the supernatural deliverance of the Israelites from the hands of the Egyptians.  Salvation from the 10th Plague and the eventual parting of the Red Sea enabled Israel to make it to the Promised Land.  Every year Jews around the world stop and remember the greatest act of delivering power in their entire history.  As Christians, we celebrate the Lord’s Supper regularly to remember the greatest act of salvation when Jesus died on the Cross and rose from the grave.  It is inspiring to study the meaning of Passover and Communion and remember the salvation of the Lord.

In connecting the Passover to Holy Communion, there are 4 important things to remember.

#1: Remember Their Passover is Our Communion

 A. The Passover celebrated Israel’s salvation

  • Announced by God through Moses and Aaron (12:1-3).
  • Instituted by Moses in every Hebrew family (12:21-23).
  • Celebrated annually in memory of God’s great act of salvation (Exodus) from the plagues and the Egyptians (12:24-28).

B. The Lord’s Supper celebrates our salvation

  • Announced by God through John the Baptist (John 1:29)
  • Instituted by Christ with His disciples (Luke 22:7-15, 17-20).
  • Celebrated regularly until He comes, remembering our salvation in Christ (1 Cor. 11:26; Luke 22:19; 1 Cor. 5:7,8).

#2: Remember the Pattern for Communion

  A. We are to observe Communion remembering Him.

  • As we come to the Lord’s Table, we look back in remembrance at all He did for us on the Cross. He wants us to remember that He was broken on the Cross so that we don’t have to remain broken but can walk in forgiveness.

B. We are to observe Communion regularly.

  • We need to be confronted with the crucified Christ regularly. We need to obey His command to observe communion regularly. We need to examine our heart and our relationship with Christ regularly.

#3: Remember the Purpose of Communion

  A. To declare His sacrificial death (1 Cor. 11:26).

  • It’s a memorial/symbol of the great sacrifice of Jesus. His death has purchased eternal life for us.
  • Jesus is the Christ of Communion and we adore Him as our Redeemer, Deliverer, Savior, Healer, Prince of Peace, King of Kings, and Lord of Lords.

B. To declare the provisions of His sacrificial death (John 6:33,35)

  • As we take the bread and receive it, remember His power and provision. Through His body broken for me, His life is made available to me. He is the bread of life.
  • As we take the cup, remember the power of the blood of Jesus is for my forgiveness. Receive God’s full provision of forgiveness.

C. To look forward with anticipation to His 2nd Coming.

  • The “until He comes” phrase in I Cor 11:26 reminds us that we must live in the shadow of his 2nd Coming.  He is coming again for all who believe.

#4: Remember the Power of Communion

  A. Jesus Christ is the conquering King.  Revelations 12:11 and 19:6.

B. As we take Communion our focus is on Jesus and what He has done for us. Through Jesus, people can be healed, saved, delivered, and brought into right relationship with others. There is power in the blood and broken body of Christ.

Never forget.  Always remember.  Let’s celebrate the King!!