One of the most important aims of a Christ follower is to become more like Jesus. Our great desire is to be transformed into the image of Christ (Rom 12:1-2). We have been set free FROM the entanglements of sin and Satan by the power of Christ. And we have been set free TO become more and more like Him. Paul talks about 3 C’s of Christian transformation in Galatians 1:11-24: Conviction, Calling, and Change. All three are important in our becoming more like Christ and all three are important areas to pray about in our own lives.

Being a person of conviction speaks to us having a “strong belief” in Jesus and a “strong desire” to live for Him. The second C is calling. We have all been called to be in a personal relationship with Jesus (I Cor 1:9). Calling is not primarily vocational it is relational. We are called to love Jesus and live for Jesus. The third C is change. All growth requires change. We need to change if we are going to grow and mature and become more like Jesus. Paul changed from being a Christian killer to becoming a Christian himself. He became the greatest Christian missionary in the history of the church.

We need to pray that we become more like Jesus. That our belief grows stronger and our love grows deeper. We need to pray that we answer His call to follow Him and live to fulfill His Will for our lives. And we need to pray about those areas in our lives where we need to change and grow.

Jesus has set us free to be… more like Him.